Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Pedal Pub

I am so behind in the adventures of the Fun Couple it is not even funny. But for what it is worth, here is another installment!

In late October, some friends of some friends invited us to come along on a Pedal Pub. We had heard of this before and seen it on the Food Network, but hadn't ever really thought of doing it. I wasn't even fully aware that we had it here in Minneapolis. But sure enough, we do.

Pedal Pubs are pretty much a pub on wheels. A cross between a bicycle and a bar! You can have a maximum of 16 people, not all of whom even need to pedal. Most of the seats are pedal seats, but a few are areas for folks to take a break, also known as the "dead weight" spots.

The Pedal Pub originated in Amsterdam and somehow migrated it's way over here.

The day we went was a gorgeous afternoon considering it was later in October. We had it for two hours. I believe they rented the pub and then brought beer to serve to all of us. Everything had to be in cans or plastic - no glass. This worked out though because most everyone was fans of Surly beer, which comes in cans. Then we meandered through Northeast Minneapolis, stopping once at a bar and otherwise just enjoying a lovely fall afternoon.

They say the Pedal Pub is "Slow fun" and they're not kidding. It maxes out at about five miles per hour. That's not much! And you do feel the burn as you are pedaling! But beer makes it all worth it I suppose!

We hope to have a chance to try it out again sometime this spring. It appears rates vary depending on the day and how long you ride. Two hours I felt was plenty though!

Check out the website for yourself, there are quite a few details listed there. Definitely an adult friendly activity, not so much for children!

Pedal Pub